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Julie is predominantly a finger-picking guitarist with a style variously described as “clawhammer”, “alternating bass” or “ragtime”, although she also has an accurate and well-developed plectrum technique and brings a wide range of influences to her playing and teaching.

Alongside her varied performance career, Julie has contributed articles to 'Acoustic' magazine, has taught acoustic guitar professionally for over 15 years and has built an enviable reputation as a respected and popular workshop leader.

Feedback From Previous Workshop Participants

From Reedham Ferry Festival:

  • “Very helpful. Made me think about the things I avoid doing”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop”
  • “A very helpful and enjoyable workshop”

From Customs House International Guitar Festival:

  • “Enjoyed this. Not stressful!”
  • “Very good indeed”
  • “Nice and very helpful tutor”

From Sheppey Folk and Blues Club:

  • “Show and tell is more helpful than reading a book. What I learnt in one hour would take weeks otherwise”
  • “Really enjoyed it”
  • “The workshop was very good. Julie was very patient”

From Broadstairs Folk Week:

  • “I enjoyed the way clawhammer was broken down and rebuilt”
  • “May rectify years of bad practice. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you”
  • “The best guitar workshop I’ve been to”

Workshop Format

Workshops can vary in length from one or two hours to a full day and can be held as stand-alone events or in conjunction with a concert performance or as part of a festival.

Workshops are usually themed to maintain focus and we recommend a limit of 15 attendees to ensure a significant amount of student contact time.

Workshop Themes

Although general question and answer workshops are possible, we strongly recommend that workshops have a theme. This keeps the group focused and is far more likely to result in participants getting something really worthwhile from the workshop.

Julie’s suggested themes for workshops are:

  • "Clawhammer"
  • "Right-Hand Techniques"
  • "Thinking Thumbs"
  • "Music Reading For The Terrified Guitarist"
  • "Up The Dusty End"
  • "Song Accompaniment"
  • "Arranging Song Melodies & Instrumental Breaks On/For Guitar"

Julie is also happy to run workshops in such areas as Music Theory.

Detailed descriptions of these workshops can be provided on request. For all enquiries, e-mail or phone on +44 (0)1724 735 349.

Supporting Materials

Participants receive notes, designed to reinforce points made during the workshop and to jog memories afterwards. Attendees are also given feedback forms at the end of workshops. Their comments help Julie to fine-tune the workshops and develop new workshops covering areas of interest.


Julie is still enthused by the experience of being able to turn someone's "I can't," into "I can." Julie says "I have learned more from my students questioning, than I would ever have learned if I'd only had my own questions to answer... The one thing I most want to share is my enthusiasm for music."

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